Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Next Support Group in Gloucester

On Wednesday the 19th May 2010
At Quedgeley Community Centre venue the Office
starts at 7.30 till 9pm

The meeting is in the office this week due to a parish council meeting

For all people who have had or who are considering having bariatric surgery. Band Aid has been started by two ladies named Janet and Nikki who at times have felt abandoned.

This is a group for people to meet friends, gain support and celebrate success.

We must stress that we do not give advice on the gastric band or any advice regarding other matters we are not trained in.

We are Solely a support group that share's with others our life Experiences with the band. to help others deal with issues they find hard to tell others. We feel that we know enough to share with others our experiences. and to support others in this way.

We will add soon the agenda for this weeks meeting.

I will being some photos has promised so you can see what I looked like before my band.

If you wish to added to the group and share ideas you are welcome.

Janet and Nikki

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