Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gastric bandits lead the weigh

On Thursday the 22nd of April the citizen went to hartbury collage to chat to Linda,Chris and Nikki regarding the support croup which has been set up in the community centre at Quedgeley Gloucester. What a great day for the group.
This is the picture taken on the day.
due to the poor image of the write up I am not able to added it to the Blog, however I can get copies and sent you one, if you would likea copy just let me know.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Next Support Group in Gloucester

On Wednesday the 19th May 2010
At Quedgeley Community Centre venue the Office
starts at 7.30 till 9pm

The meeting is in the office this week due to a parish council meeting

For all people who have had or who are considering having bariatric surgery. Band Aid has been started by two ladies named Janet and Nikki who at times have felt abandoned.

This is a group for people to meet friends, gain support and celebrate success.

We must stress that we do not give advice on the gastric band or any advice regarding other matters we are not trained in.

We are Solely a support group that share's with others our life Experiences with the band. to help others deal with issues they find hard to tell others. We feel that we know enough to share with others our experiences. and to support others in this way.

We will add soon the agenda for this weeks meeting.

I will being some photos has promised so you can see what I looked like before my band.

If you wish to added to the group and share ideas you are welcome.

Janet and Nikki

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Christopher Rees A member of the Band Aid Support group

Hey Guys a little introduction i am Chris a 23 year old from gloucester who has undergone Gastric band surgery and here is my story from day 1!!

I went to my Gp not long after the death of my mother as my weight was plumeting to a scary level yet this had no effect my Gp was in 1 word Very arrogant!
so i changed doctors to a new doctor who was fantastic he refered me to see a specialist consultan who dealt with Clinically obese patients which i was suprised i came into that catagory lol. when i stepped onto the scales at the age of 21 weighing in at 210.8 kg i nearly died in old weight that is 33stone 2lb!!

The specialist consultant was lovely and advised me to start slimming with diets as it will be a long progress 6 months later i saw a dietitian at gloucester royal who was stick thin as they are and again i was weighed i then weighed 180kg thats 28stone 4 pound so happy especially as they told me i would be getting weight loss surgery.

I then had to see a clinical phychologist who was lovely she really made me feel at ease and agreed weight loss surgery would be benificial to me so the next stage was to see Mr Hewin specialist consultant again this was on the 7th january 2010 he explained that he felt a gastric band would be suitable and we were in agreeal and it was all go from then.

I waited for 8 weeks and heard nothing so i contacted them and was told an appointment would be with me shortly which it was i got my pre op assessment on 31-03-2010 and surgery was 09-04-2010 arghhhhhh EXCITEMENT kicked in lol.

So the 31st came and i started my pre op diet yoghurt, sugar free jelly, and milk yummy but as a treat i had slim a soups!

I then attended the hospital for my pre op assessment which was daunting standing on those scales great i was 168.4kg thats 26stone 4lb woohoo they also checked my heart rate which was normal blood tests which were normal and i felt i was on a fitness test they had me running all over the place lol.

so i carried on with the diet and beleive it does get easier well i thought it did then so quickly the day before surgery was here no nerves just excitement probably because i was at work lol.

so SURGERY DAY i arrived at the hospital and shown to my bed where i had to sit and wait patiently to see the anethiatist who when he walked in i nearly died "your not who i am meant to be having" I blurted out but he reassured me and made me feel so comfortable and explained i was also having a different surgeoun aswell at this stage i didnt care i just wanted my tool so they weigh me 159.1 kilo whoop whoop its dropping off 25st 4lb great so i sneak off for a fag and my best friend gets a call theatre are ready for chris so i go back to my ward and they are waiting for me to put on my gown i then get taken down to theatre its 14:20 still no nerves they wheel me into the anesetic room and they fit a canular into my left hand that was the worst part then they said right walk into the theatre and lie on the operating table lol me hairy bum was on show and all!

I lie there and they stand me up to make sure my feet were in my styrups as they do the procedure whist you are in a slight standinig position they give me oxygen and pop me off to sleep.


So i wake and the first thing i said was my stomach is tight the guy waking me said thats cuz you have a band buddy so i knew it had been done!

i got took back to the ward and they were all waiting for me all i wanted to do was get up and about but the sexy boots i was wearing had me strapped down.

20:00 i was allowed to mobilise no pain just a little discomfort water felt strange going in as i could feel it traveling through my band.

that night i slept like a log and was woke to have my obs done i then had my dressings changed at 10:30 and was discharged.

i went to asda to buy some post op food Yoghurts And smash weeta bix and eggs also got some frozen cottage and fish pies,

Saturday diet intake = Nothing but water

Sunday diet intake = i wild life framage frais

monday diet intake = 1 wildlife fromage frais i was weighed today and weighed 155kg

tuesday diet intake = 1 wildlife fromage frais and i did try another but it would not go down

Wednesday woohoo i got 1/2 weetabix and a yoghurt also weighing 154kg feeling great no dressings or discomfort at all!!

the worst thing for me about my whole journey so far is having to inject myself and take ranitidine ant acid medication.

so guys i will try and get here daily to let you know whats what

Take care